ZiApp COVID-19 Testing & Contact Tracing

Our App-Based Testing Solution is the perfect program for managing COVID-19 testing for clinics, workplaces and commercial enterprises. With minimum contact, we can test and deliver results to your patients, employees and/or customers in less than 15 minutes


Our system is based on a rapid antibody blood test, ensuring a higher level of accuracy compared to saliva and mucous tests. Our tests are fully FDA-Authorized and have been demonstrated to be between 98% and 100% accurate.

Advanced Features & Functions


Digital Test Results on the App


App-Based Payments


Referral Options for Friends/Family


Customized Contact Tracking


ZiApp COVID-19 Testing & Contact Tracing is a platform to help manage and relay testing information to friends and family. The App manages scheduling for rapid testing, ensuring that testing facilities minimize the amount of in-person contact.

People simply sign up and fill out their information. Test results are then uploaded to the platform for review. After testing, people either select all contacts or manage individual contacts remotely to send the test results to friends and family.

Testing Set Up

Area of parking lot or clinic set aside for mobile testing center, including administration tent, testing trailer, and outdoor testing tent where applicable.

Tests are administered by state-licensed medical practitioners, conforming with state law and health regulations.

Onsite medical supervision, including licensed nurses, administration staff, and testing technician.

Patients, employees or customers are directed to the testing facility prior to entering the premises, ensuring a safe environment inside.

Testing Workflow

Patients, employees, or customers and download the App and schedule an appointment, ensuring no one waits more than 30 minutes.

Once ready, patients, employees/customers arrive at the testing tent, their finger is pricked by a nurse,  and the sample is prepared.

Patients/employees/customers wait 10-15 minutes outside, while the sample is tested by the technician.

Results are sent directly to patient, employee /customer’s phones, ensuring the shortest possible wait and least possible interaction.


Why Test On-Site

Our App-based Rapid Test System is the perfect setup for on-site testing of patients, employees and customers for onsite. Our FDA-Authorized rapid tests are quick and efficient to administer and our app-based system provide results within 10-15 minutes. 

By testing on-site, everyone can be confident in maintaining a safe environment. On-site testing is also a great opportunity to ensure the health of employees while minimizing risks of costly outbreaks among staff.

Test Kit Overview

Our Rapid Test Kits are FDA-Authorized, receiving the official EUA this June. The test kits work by detecting both IgG and IgM antibodies and antigens in the blood of the patients. These tests are very quick to administer and accurate to better than 98%.

Our App-based system is designed to facilitate rapid testing with the least human interaction possible. By digitizing all our processes, we ensure everyone minimizes face-to-face contact with both each other and healthcare professionals.

Our system also cuts out long waiting times. We do away with the 11-15 day wait times many people experience just to get an answer from their testing center. By testing both IgM and IgG, we can better estimate the infection time for patients that test positive.

Confirmed By Independent Studies

99.7% – 100%

IgM Specificity


IgM Specificity



About Manzanita Band – App Owner

The Manzanita Band of the Kumeyaay Nation is a federally recognized Tribal Government. The Kumeyaays’ traditional territory extended north and south of the Mexican border from the Pacific coast almost to the Colorado River. Currently, the Manzanita Reservation is located in southeastern San Diego County, California. The Kumeyaays are speakers of the Yuman branch of the greater Hokan linguistic family. The tribe is organized under an IRA constitution and bylaws approved in 1976.

About Alternate Health – App Operator

Alternate Health Corp. is an international healthcare technology company with offices in Toronto, Canada, and Los Angeles, California. The Company leverages decades of software experience to provide mobile and cloud-based solutions for practice management, electronic health records, toxicology, and medical product distribution.

The Company’s software includes the VIP Patient Management system, which offers a full suite of medical records and practice management tools. Alternate Health later expanded these software tools, including inventory management tools for medical product distribution and the Zi App payment engine for mobile payments.

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